CCNA Discovery 4 Chapter 5

1. What limitations of the 2960 switch prevent it from providing the services needed in the Distribution layer?
It is limited to copper connections.
It does not support QoS.
It does not support voice VLAN capability.
It does not perform route summarization.

2. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true regarding how the ISP router filters traffic?
Traffic from the address to any destination on the Internet is denied.
Traffic from any source address entering the ISP router interface s0/0/0 is permitted.
Only traffic with a source address of is allowed into the ISP router interface s0/0/0.
All traffic from the network can access the Internet.
Traffic from any source address can access the network.

3. What is a primary function of a wireless LAN controller?
tuning each AP channel for optimal coverage
providing PoE to the wireless clients
distributing VLAN information to the wireless clients
serving as the point of connection between wireless clients and the wired LAN

4. A state-funded college wants to implement Cisco wireless IP phones for employees to use while on campus. The college currently has only wired network device access. Which two devices must be incorporated into the network design to best accommodate roaming for wireless IP phones? (Choose two.)

voice VLAN capable switch
autonomous AP
PoE switch
Cisco wireless LAN controller
2960 switch with 48 100-Mb ports
lightweight access points

5. When considering converged network designs, it is important to identify appropriate service demands. What is a concern when preparing a network design to fit this environment?
business data compensation for sensitivity to noise
location and placement of firewalls
voice-level quality of service
security policy requirements
6. Which two statements are true regarding the following extended ACL? (Choose two.)
access-list 101 deny tcp any eq 20
access-list 101 deny tcp any eq 21
access-list 101 permit ip any any
FTP traffic originating from network is denied.
All traffic is implicitly denied.
FTP traffic destined for the network is denied.
Telnet traffic originating on network is denied.
Web traffic originating from is permitted.
7. Which statement applies to a large network with thousands of nodes?
Each wireless phone is normally in a separate VLAN for security reasons.
Multiple firewalls exist throughout the access layer for maximum security protection.
Firewalls cannot be implemented in the multilayer switches and routers.
Intrusion detection is more likely to be performed by a separate device rather than integrated into a switch or router.
8. What type of WAN service is Frame Relay?
cell switched
packet switched
circuit switched
9. Refer to the exhibit. What is an advantage of having two links connected between the two switches shown?
provides redundancy in case one of the switches fails
provides connectivity to Switch1 when the link to the server fails
provides connectivity when one of the connections between the switches fails
provides power to the other switch when the other switch has lost AC power
10. What is integrated into a Cisco IP phone to reduce the number of ports needed in the wiring closet?
firewall appliance
11. Using expandable, modular network devices is a key element of what network design criteria?
12. A network designer is evaluating the network security implementation for an organization. The designer recommends adding network security devices in front of the server farm, although network security devices have been deployed in the Enterprise Edge for two years. What type of attack can be effectively prevented with this recommendation?
virus attack
internal attack
Internet attack
phishing attack
13. Which two factors should be considered when designing a wireless LAN that provides seamless roaming capabilities? (Choose two.)
use of a wireless controller to manage IP addressing
type of routing protocols
location of existing wired clients
position of MDF
14. A company lists this equipment in their network design:
- Two Catalyst 4503 Layer 3 switches
- One 5500 security appliance firewall
- Two Catalyst 6509 switches
- Two lightweight access points
- Two Catalyst 2960 switches
Which two types of devices would be appropriate to use at the access layer to provide end-user connectivity? (Choose two.)
Catalyst 4503 switches
Cisco 1841 router
Catalyst 6509 switches
lightweight access points
Catalyst 2960 switches
15. Which network design process identifies the best locations to place access points?
site survey
risk assessment
scalability design
network protocol analysis
16. What is a function of the access layer in the Cisco three-layer hierarchical internetworking model?
to provide QoS classification and marking
to implement a fast-converging routing protocol
to use routed interconnections between devices
to aggregate traffic and perform route summarization
17. Which rule should be followed when implementing the security requirements of a network design?
Always use a common security plan for all business needs.
As standard practice, lower access restrictions for users if cost is too high.
Avoid reducing security in order to add additional network capabilities.
When possible, implement an IDS to protect users from spam.
18. What are three features of a Catalyst 2960 switch? (Choose three.)
network layer functionality
redundant power availability
route summarization
switch clustering
inter-VLAN routing
19. Refer to the exhibit. The branch office needs constant access to the servers in the enterprise headquarters. Therefore, a backup Frame Relay link is added. A network administrator is configuring the routers in the branch office to make sure that when the backup Frame Relay link is used, only the traffic to access the enterprise headquarters is allowed. Which statement is true about the routing configuration on branch office edge routers?
The command ip route serial 0/0 50 should be configured on BE2.
The command ip route serial 0/0 50 should be configured on BE1.
The command ip route serial 0/0 50 should be configured on BE2.
The command ip route serial 0/0 50 should be configured on BE1.
20. A network designer is selecting a WAN technology for connections between the headquarters of an organization and its branch offices. In this context, what is one advantage of choosing Frame Relay over a T1 line?
more secure
flexible bandwidth
shared media across the link
efficiency with fixed length packet size
21. Which three design requirements are implemented at the access layer? (Choose three.)
high-density routing
packet filtering
rapidly converging routing protocols
QoS traffic classification and marking
22. An automobile sales company is establishing a new, small sales showroom in a downtown area. To update the inventory database, the new sales office will need a WAN connection to the headquarters that is located in the suburban area. The WAN connection should be around a 4 Mb/s connection. Which WAN service will provide the most economical approach to meet the requirement?
T1 line
Frame Relay
23. What characteristic in a routing protocol allows it to support the network design criteria for availability?
CIDR support
fast convergence
timed updates
VLSM support
24. When applying network security, what security measure should be implemented first?
securing the network devices
implementing the firewalls or filters at the enterprise edge
applying security to resources accessed by internal users
applying ACLs to the interfaces of the routers in the internal network
25. What characteristic of a network supports high availability to provide the 99.999% uptime requirement?
high-bandwidth path to servers
wireless management

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